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What sets us apart?

Our passion toward what and how we do it.

What really sets us apart from our competitors is the personality of our company.  At Cadillac, we don’t sell products and services, we sell experiences.  Our staff goes out of their way to make each interaction pleasant and positive.  In the long run, the sweet taste of low price is forgotten while the bittersweet taste of poor quality and service can stick with you for years.  With every customer, big or small, we try to treat as though they are the most important person in our company at that moment.  With each job that we run, we treat it as though it was going to be entered into an awards competition.  Whether it’s a simple 1-color job or multifaceted, we try to execute within budget and repetition in a production format.  Piece 1 of 500 should look identical to 399 and 452.

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For sales tools or presentation materials to be effective, they have to be attention-grabbing, memorable, and professional.  They should align with your company’s identity and goals. So how do you go about creating a strategic sales tool or presentation piece?

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Latest news and updates

02 Feb 2016

Cadillac Looseleaf Products - ComArtSci Connect 2016

MSU ComArtSci Connect 2016, the College of Communication Arts and Sciences largest, interactive career event on February 19, 2016. Held within the Communication Arts and Sciences building, Cadillac Looseleaf Products will receive their own space/area to connect with students. The event is designed to go beyond traditional recruiting processes in order to help students explore areas of interest by learning about various career fields and connect with employers, industry professionals, and alumni.

21 Jan 2016

Keeping the Green Movement alive at Cadillac!

Here’s what we have kept out of the landfill in 2015:

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